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King Trip born Daniel McNeal Jr Oct 16 1992, grew up in a number of cities but claims North Chicago IL as home. Trip grew up like any average kid in the hood. Growing up in the inner-city made the streets feel like a fun place, until he moved back to North Chicago. Following moving back home in 2010, he got back in contact with a number of old friends. One in particular, Gilbert Pook (who was already in the music scene at the time) asked him to do a verse on a mixtape. After the verse was done ,Trip grew obsessed with being in the studio. After dropping a solo mixtape and a couple years of rapping, King Trip ran into a long time friend.

Trillaa MoWright also known as Jeffery Moses was born Feb 22 1992 and raised in Waukegan IL.

Trillaa grew a liking to music at an early age listening to 80's & 90's R&B and Hiphop. Basketball was all Trillaa wanted to do in his spare time away from school. He hooked up with a family member known as SCI-4 and tried to create a sound with him. After a few issues, SCI-4 left and Trillaa was back on the mission alone til he then bumped into King Trip.

From there TripTrillaa was born .It started off bumpy with neither of them knowing the game they just took a shot. First they started with CeeWurld . They learned the basics of  what being in the industry really means. Next it was Davelle Music which gave TripTrillaa the boost they needed to become known in the Chicago area. After a few difficulties they went their separate ways which left TripTrillaa to get it on they own. During this process they had a close friend DJ Prophet help them make moves.

After a million trips to Chicago, TripTrillaa runs into Megastar.

As of now TripTrillaa developed a whole new style, sound, and image and looking for nothing less hen great success with the LMMG team.

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