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ManMan born Emanuel Joseph Bowling is a Chicago artist that has goals to work his way into the hearts of America.

Through struggles to become one of the worlds top hip hop artists, ManMan encountered many hard lessons.

He has lost friends and family that changed his music and his way of thinking.

He was first introduced to music when his mom would put the radio to her belly and let her favorite station play... though his mom was struggling with her own demons she thought that music could be the thing she give her son that no one could take away. ManMan was always around music, at age 6 he had his very first solo with a choir. He sang the lead on optimistic and loved the attention he received and that was when his mom discovered he could really sing. The fire was lit from that point on.

ManMan ran into a few snags through grammar and middle school getting caught up in street affairs and his mom relocated to the suburbs due to the severity of his engagement with the streets. Bored in the suburbs ManMan found fl studio and began making beats. He got so good that he was known at his high school (Homewood Flossmoor) for his work.

As he experienced life he wrote and recorded his very first song called "you were mine" that spread through the school and made him high school famous. He would go on to release his very first mixtape that shows his diversity and creativity with songs like one of a kind, way things go (a biggie cover) move aside, believe that feature his friend jaylen, shots fired that feature his friend budha, and many others.

Through his journeys ManMan has met Juicewrld ( went to school with) Bo Deal recorded a song called Bag with El Hitta, performed for Seandale Hunley of power92 live, Opened for 147 calboi at structure, was on the ticket with memo600 at structure, partnered with Megastar Steven Ragsdale at LMMG. Working on a project with Solo Bandz and Farley Jackmaster Funk.

ManMan loves children and would be the voice of so many kids that have struggled in the streets to not end up in the system and find a way to express himself in a way that can get his family out of the mud.

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